Saturday, October 5, 2013


Three inspiring artists visited in three days. Each doing something they enjoy. Each making the world a more beautiful place with their creative energy. We were there officially for Robert's gallery opening which is an amazing collection of colorful, detailed and layered dreamscapes. They looked beautiful, framed and united in one space. Earlier in the day we walked through Prospect Park to O's studio to see her latest works. Her studio is full of gorgeous, organic forms, works in progress and ideas waiting to be thrown, molded and fired. C was with us and he spent the entire visit creating his own art in the clay. I think we all would have loved to work with the clay if we had the time. The next day we visited M at The Storefront for Art and Architecture where he and his team were just beginning to install the next exhibition for the organization - BEING. Under the gun to finish the project in a short time period, we didn't steal much time from him - just lunch at a local Indian restaurant the likes of which you can only find in New York.  

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