Tuesday, October 8, 2013

lettuce, spinach, arugula oh my

In early August we carved out a 3x10 foot vegetable patch in our future flower garden space. The three raised planter boxes on the side of the house weren't getting enough sun and I wanted to do some planting before the season was over. This spot is along the south side of a wood fence. Lots of sun and possibly warmer through the winter as a result. We planted spinach, brussel sprouts, radish, beets, chard, lettuce and arugula - just in time. Plenty of sun and water to get them growing before fall. The beets were planted a bit too close together so they aren't as big as I think they should be. Their leaves also fell prey to some sort of pest - yet to be identified. That pest, seems to have left all the other plants alone. Marigolds in the corner near the spinach might have provided some pest control and arugula near the lettuce might have helped too given the stuff is so darn spicy! But one seed packet of lettuce has provided us with salads at least 3 times a week for the last 6 weeks. That I cannot believe and if I were a real spinach lover we'd have been eating spinach just as often. Maybe some spinach potato soup is in order. No brussel sprouts yet, but the plants look healthy and I just transplanted some kales in the bare patches to see how they will do in their new sunnier, warmer home. 

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