Thursday, July 25, 2013

road trip :: days 6 & 7 :: birthdays

We celebrated birthday's in Yellowstone. A & C met us in Cody the day before and drove together through the east entrance of Yellowstone. For E and I this was our third trip to Yellowstone in 10 years. We think that it is best experienced in the backcountry, away from the crowds and traffic. But with young kids backcountry hiking is very difficult. So I think the next best thing is a week in the park with 2-3 nights in different campgrounds because driving through the entire park in one day is not recommended. We toured half the park on day 7; seeing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from three different vantage points, Norris Basin and Old Faithful. That night we tried some real camping style cooking with corn, potatoes and steak on an open fire with marshmallows for dessert. We woke up the next morning, said good bye to A&C (and all the kids our kids played with the two days were were there) and headed home through the north entrance to the park.

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