Friday, July 26, 2013

road trip :: days 8 & 9

Not much to say about days 8 and 9 ! Poor Idaho and Eastern Washington, we just wanted to get home, didn't want to sight see, didn't want to dally, beautiful though they were. We were all tired; lots of late nights and early mornings for everyone and had a bit of car fever. As we neared the coast the traffic became heavier, the mountains came into view and all we were hoping for was home. 2700 miles this time: 3 nights in a hotel, 5 nights camping, 8 states, 2 national parks, 2 books on CD that the whole family listened to: (The Mysterious Benedict Society and Wizard of Oz). Probably 10 fast food stops, 6 grocery stops, 5 days of hot cocoa, 3 dozen eggs, 1 birthday cake, 1 screaming toddler...yes he did very well at times but at other times we all wished we had ear-plugs; that kid has some lungs! For now we are happy to be home - at the beach, eating good food, visiting friends and family. 

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