Wednesday, July 24, 2013

road trip :: day 5 : cody wyoming

Cody Wyoming is such a great town. Named after the famous Buffalo Bill Cody, it's a tourist's dream - experience of the Wild West. There's a shoot-out performance at the Irma Hotel between all the famous cowboy figures, wagon rides, cook outs, a real rodeo and the amazing Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.  We purposely planned more time in Cody this year to visit the museum. We had seen an advertisement for this collection of photographs and realized that they would be on display at that museum while we were traveling through. But there was so much more: plains indians exhibits, natural history exhibits, Buffalo Bill cody history, western settlement history, art, gun collections. It really takes the entire day or two half days to go through and it holds the interest of the kid with plenty of interactive displays and a passport stamp booklet for them to complete in the natural history section. Later that night we attended the Cody Cattle Company cowboy dinner and music performance. Very kid friendly and worth doing at least once. After dinner we were off to the rodeo. B was so excited about the bull riding. It's at the end of the rodeo and she could not wait to see those cowboys get knocked off the bull. I actually didn't get any pictures of the bull riding because none of the cowboys could stay on long enough - they all "no scored" and were bucked right off. 

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