Friday, July 19, 2013

road trip:: day 2 and 3

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota was our next stop. Having not made reservations ahead of time for the campground we rushed in to reserve a site but found it wide-open, empty. We set up tents and then headed back into Medora for a visit to the Cowboy Museum, ice cream parlor and dinner. The museum was just the right size for us and it had a small interactive area where the kids could cozy up to a campfire after climbing down from their saddled horses. It also had some wonderful Native American displays highlighting their use of the horse. After dinner we took a drive through the park, weary of the approaching storm. E found his wild horses and I saw some of the fracking apparatus in the distance on private land between the North and South Units of the park. Actually the fracking rigs were seen all along the drive between western North Dakota and eastern Montana. That night we were treated to an amazing lighting storm and rain. Miss M didn't think it was so great when at the beginning of the storm the wind picked up the tent she was trying to sleep in and blew it away - with her inside! Oops forgot to stake it down. She was terrified, understandably and so we tried not to let her see us chuckling. Luckily she's a good sport, settled down after the trauma and fell asleep. W slept through the entire thing while E and I hung out in the car, avoiding hanging out in the tent 2 hours before our normal bedtime. 

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