Sunday, July 15, 2012


M has been a little confused by all the travel. She doesn't know what belongs to us. She talks about all the homes we visit, and stay in and the rental cars we have driven as ours and identifies each with some characteristic that stands out to her. She asks questions like, "when will be go back to the home with all the stairs?" This of course is not our house it is O and R's house, but she thinks it is ours. Anyway, she also has a lovely way with words and once again her beautiful vocabulary has inspired us to have a little fun. Tired of renting cars (though that might be the more economical decision as we are getting further into VW car ownership) we purchased a new-used car to fit our now, quite large family. A Eurovan, seemed to fit the bill. Well a Eurovan is not a lovely looking car, and ours is green and it is not called a Eurovan in this house. To my miss M it is a Hero-van. So we decided if its a Hero-van it must have a hero's name. On a recent drive to visit friends, the kids threw out some hero names for a large, green van. Well C suggested, maybe predicably the Hulk. While I don't care for the Hulk as a hero I thought the Hulk seemed quite appropriate. This car is big, powerful and fatally flawed. Besides, Green-Tree, or Seaweed, names thrown into the mix didn't seem to fit. 

So the Hulk it is. Look out!  

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