Saturday, July 14, 2012

birthday camping

We went far and wide from home to celebrate our July birthday's. Setting camp at Salt Creek on the Olympic Peninsula with two tents (one for mom and babe) the other for dad and older kids we spent the next two days exploring. Expecting that we would have July sun as had been forecasted, we were surprised by the thick fog that settled in for most of our time there. It would roll off the Straits, cling to the trees and drip, drop dampening everything. We had moments of sunshine though. We spent a day at Hurricane ridge, above the treeline with far-reaching views of the Olympic Mountains to the south and Canada to the North. Once on the trail to the top of the ridge I realized that my memory of the ease of the trail was mistaken and that the little people in our group may not appreciate view at the top after such a steep and switchbacked hike. I was envisioning some "you made us hike all the way up here for a stupid view..." kinda statements. Thankfully the hike was short (1.5 miles to the top) and Nana and Grampy were there to help out. A little breather at the top (with some snow play) we eased our way back down to the car, which held the super secret birthday cake for one cow-poke in our family. 

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