Monday, July 25, 2011

we've been waiting for summer


Not alot of sunny days so far this month. Mostly chilly and wet. I am loving it but I also have missed the Northwest sunshine. Finally it came out and we've been enjoying the change. Friday and Saturday we spent on the beach at Otter House, Sunday at the beach on Fay Bainbridge. I tried some new picnic fare which went over well: hardboiled eggs, sliced ham, cheddar cheese, Irish Soda bread and raspberries. PBJ rarely seems to work, salads take too much plateware and silverware and most picnic stuff takes too long to prep. However, Irish Soda bread or muffins seem to work well for the kids. Which surprises me considering they are often dense (in the case of soda bread) or full of oatmeal (in the case of muffins). Both are easy to make: one bowl, few ingredients, a little mixing and oven time. No chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, condiment adding, dressing mixing, sourpus faces or sand getting into the entire bowl.

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