Sunday, July 24, 2011


This last week we had visitors in town. Each morning the boys attended a fort camp for a few hours and then afternoons were spent out and about. While the boys were at fort camp, the moms and sometimes the girls went bakery hopping. Coffee and pastries each morning. Bay, Hay & Feed, Blackbird, a new bakery. Very decadent. Other ways we spent our time: crab hunting, camping (well not really, maybe more on that fiasco later), two crab feasts, mural painting and a short tractor ride with grampy. Certainly these were not highlights of the trip - but the moments when I had my camera handy. There was alot of bike riding and backyard play, walks in the woods, a few movies, some squabbling and a night out for the adults. On Friday the sun finally came out and gave our visitors a good time at the beach - ending a really wonderful week.

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