Monday, March 28, 2011

a fishing trip

I didn't take many pictures during mom and dad's visit, but we had a lovely time none-the-less. I think they were on or in the water nearly everyday. A sailing trip, a boat ride to the British Virgin Islands, a fishing trip, a ride on the ferry....pools and beaches. I think they got their vitamin D alotment for the winter (and coming spring) as the NW winter has been really really wet. One afternoon that I did have my camera was while we were onboard the fishing boat. We headed to the South Drop on the Carribbean side of the V.I, which is about 8 miles off of St. John. There we trolled for big fish: Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi but came up short. Later we threw in live bait and the fish started biting non-stop. The majority of the fish were Rainbow Runners, some were Yellow Snappers. I caught 2 barracudas, E caught a 4 ft. Carribean reef shark (all we had to throw back). Others that were caught that we had to throw back were kingfish, blackjack, trigger-fish and these had to go over because they carry a toxin in their flesh that is harmful to humans. The toxin comes from corals which are eaten by smaller fish, which are then eaten by the larger fish. Anyway it was a beautiful ride on the open ocean. C was queasy (or tired and hungry) most of the ride but apparently still enjoyed it from his inclined spot on the cabin seat.

E's shark after 30 mintues of fight.

Mom, enjoying the ride home in the sunset.

C feeling better and Grampy providing support.

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