Monday, March 21, 2011

back log

The camera had 400- some-odd photos on its memory card. Here are just a few of my favorites from the last few weeks (weeks I haven't been posting in this space for reasons that will be clear in days to come.) The butterfly is a blue morpho, shot at a butterfly farm near the cruise ship terminal. The kids, friends and I went on a day off from school while E was out of town.
Not being a control-freak, my recent loss of control is still disorienting and has led me to wish on occasion that I could just press that button to regain it back.
A quiet morning after the trip to the ER to get C's head checked after a hard fall on a hard floor. Everyone is doing just fine, everyone is rested and everyone was enjoying a morning after their sleep-over in mom's bed.
Counting the catch after an afternoon fishing trip: 12 rainbow runners, 3 yellow tail snappers (one 4 foot shark and two barracuda).

Happy First Day of spring for everyone in the North. Our weather continues to be "a steady stream of cream-puffs"
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