Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekends are for recharging

A long weekend for us. Quiet and as restful as we could make it. Each day was different but the rhythm was the same:

:: breakfast: waffles, pancakes or french toast

:: inside play while we clean and get ready for the day

:: adventure: shell beach, secret harbour or magen's bay. Swim, build castles, look for shells, climb on rocks

:: afternoon home with naps or quiet time, maybe a movie or audiobook (currently Little House in the Big Woods and movie is Horton Hears a Who!)

:: Evening: leftovers and spare ribs on Monday, showers and books

We also did alot of creating this weekend...we made a stove for the the kids out of the cardboard box. The girls helped me paint it, but no pictures; M was a bit naked during the whole process. There was a kite and C had his Star Wars set ups, bows and arrows, a bolo, a top spinning competition (45 seconds is the time to beat). We all made (and ate) chocolate-chip cookies, drew and colored and played with a giant box of buttons, which this afternoon finally landed all over the floor (after about 50 previous times of play without incident....it was about time it happened) Anyway a restorative, long weekend and did I mention the weather was beautiful (and the water cold?).

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