Thursday, January 20, 2011


A new linen skirt for me, made from an old, but hardly-worn shirt of E's. I just cut the shirt at the sleeves and it gave me enough fabric to make a short skirt (just above the knee). These are advantages of being nearly a foot shorter than your husband. I used some of the left over arm and back fabrics to make some big side pockets (not shown above because I got the idea after I took the shot. I tried it on and was automatically looking for pockets.) Anyway, pockets are a requirement for any sort of pants, shorts or skirts for me. I need them to carry; keys, rocks, shells, phone, coins...mermaids. kids noticed the skirt right off the bat when I picked them up from first I thought it was a reflection on that it looked too handmade, wonky or was flying up in the breeze, but they clarified that it was the color that caught their eye. Pink, pretty.

This is the other shirt, pretty blue....waiting for the same fate...
I also thought this skirt would look nice with an eyelet extension at the bottom, lengthening the skirt from above the knee to just below or with a pretty scalloped pettiskirt underneath.


  1. Nice! Would love to see a pic of you wearing.

  2. I tried to take a picture but chickened out!