Friday, January 14, 2011

afternoon at the beach

At the rocky beach near our place. Great for rockclimbing and shell hunting. This kind of outside time is important to us just as much as any afterschool activity might be. However limiting this play to the afternoons: after school, after a long day of classroom time it can also be an added "stress" to the day if not managed correctly. Its the perfect antidote to the structured school day but it also occurs when the kids are most tired, so the timing is important. Probably not the best idea to travel to this beach (15 minute walk both directions) at the end of the week. It better to stay closer to the home; walk the 90 steep steps down to the beach, or play in the pseudo-courtyard behind our condo. Sometimes the weekend is the best time to get out too....
But we got a new shell book in the mail over the holidays (thanks M) and B wanted to bring it to the shell beach. C found a rope, a water bottle and a sea sponge at the beach and he was determined to collect drinking water as his favorite survivor-man does.

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