Monday, December 13, 2010


Out to the British Virgin Islands again this weekend. We decided the boat would be more fun than watching the Army Navy game inside on TV. Good choice! M has been the subject of many of my photos these days. She is really changing. At nearly 2 1/2 years she is talking and playing like such a big girl. No longer a little toddler really. She using a big potty, and diapers are not as frequent. In another few months we will be a diaper-free family. That seems like a big change to me.
Though, she is still very much a napper.
Adults would never have looked at that rock and decided to make it into a slide.
This is on the swim back to the boat from the beach. We had various floatation devices to get the kids and coolers ashore. At one point in time E carried much larger loads ashore; coolers and kids are easy for him so why not carry a beer too.

 Then on Sunday E participated in a paddle board competition. He had a rider onboard for the whole three miles. The girls and I stayed on the beach playing, taking pictures and people watching.

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