Wednesday, December 8, 2010

picture holiday making

After re-reading yesterday's post I felt that I hadn't represented my tropical holiday season honestly. I am actually doing some holiday stuff but not to the extent I have before. (No advent wreaths, no advent calendars, no music, no tree...) But two things come to mind that I am doing. The first is taking Tracey Clark's "Picture Holiday's" photography-course which I thought might stretch my creativity here in the tropics. Each day she emails an inspiring prompt to guide my photo-taking. Today's prompt: Express yourself, a self-portrait challenge. The second thing I have been doing is making a few ornaments and gifts. So to express myself this holiday season, I have photographed myself working on a was harder than I expected (the photo that is). And I suppose it should also reflect my state of mind etc. but I'll pass on that and just practice the picture taking. I had a remote controller and a tripod to help out.

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