Monday, December 6, 2010

different world

Christmas is coming and we are still swatting mosquitos and applying sunblock. There are a few decorations in and on the stores and the newspaper has advertisements for tree-lighting events and holiday bizarres. But mentally I am far removed from the holiday rush. Its difficult to bridge the gap of experiencing the season right now as we see it; sunny, beachy, and our experience it in the past. The holidays are as much about traditions and "feel" (the trees, the chill outside, the candles, lights, hot cocoa, caroles, early sunsets and late sunrises) as it is about the celebration of the Birth of Christ and Santa's visit. For me, it is harder to reproduce the traditions and environment when the weather is not so frightful; I am just not thinking about Christmas much, and not feeling too inspired to decorate or bake, or listen to Christmas music. But that is OK for now. In a few weeks we'll hit the snow stateside, get a tree, drink cocoa, bake some cookies and I suspect we'll be in the mood.

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