Friday, December 3, 2010

some amazing racing today

The St. Thomas yacht club is hosting a regatta this week and we headed downtown to take a look. Amazing. Some world class sailors, racing the IC-24 boats so close to the boardwalk you could reach out and touch them. The crews handle the boats like its an extension of their body. The boat turns on a dime and move fast (over 10 knots). These sailors are another part of my sailing story from Tuesday. While I was out in the harbor in 20 knot winds trying to keep my boat from; capsizing, colliding, sinking etc., these world class sailors were practicing their amazing moves, but not really trying very hard to stay out of my way. The nerve. Lord knows, I was doing my best to keep out of their way; even tipping over to save myself from running into them. Maybe it was instinct, like an ostrich who buries his head in the sand: " Ahh - they are coming, tip over, sink the boat, pretend I am not here."

Here are our boats; little Sunfish.

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