Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sailing lessons

Maybe I have mentioned that C is taking sailing lessons. But I haven't had any pictures, or elaborated much about it. So today is the day. I had my camera, the wind was good and he was close to shore. Take a look at that kid! Can't drive, can't fly, but he's sailing a boat. And it my book its harder than driving a car - or boat, and possibly even flying (haven't really spent much time flying a plane though:) but you get my gist! We are told that at the beginning of the lesson he wanted to sail with one leg hanging over the side of the boat. What for, don't know. Did it look cool, did he think it would keep the boat from tipping over, was it to allow him a quick get away? With his instructor's help, he soon saw the wisdom of keeping all body parts in the boat and was controlling the thing with a 6-year-old confidence and frustration. On the beach the other parents were thankful that our kids had not picked up on curse-words yet, because a few times I heard C out there yelling out of frustration "I hate this stupid sail... etc. Totally understandable and in adult language would have been much more colorful - like 'I hope the ****ing sharks don't eat me!" But he was a champ even through the frustrating parts. He stuck to it, listened to his instructor and loved it. My boy. Six!?!

love the name of the boat. FYI, he is sailing an OPTI, which is a one person boat, usually for little ones to learn to sail on. We are told the kids who learn to sail in Caribbean are some of the best on the competitive circuit because they sail in rough winds all year. This does not apply to our little guy however, it was just a fact that we are now beginning to understand. The winds can be really strong here (trade wind zone) and the water is warm enough to be out on the water all year so the kids get double if not triple the time on the water that their northern and more southern peers get. They have my admiration for sure.

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  1. Younger C and I are SO impressed! My C wants older C to give him lessons!

    I've always been intimated by the thought manning a boat by myself. Maybe C can teach me too.