Monday, September 13, 2010

some summer projects

A few yards of fabric, some fat quarters and a recycled bed sheet supplied my sewing projects pretty well this summer. Only one project was planned and started before the move (the green, purple and gold picnic blanket at the bottom). Two others (rest blankets for the girls) shown here were made last minute with what I had on hand. I brought down to the VI a hardy, lighter-weight and less sentimental machine without electronic parts (a Riccor) in the event it might break during the move or I needed a repair made. As it turned out I pulled out the machine in June and it wasn't working well and had to find a repair technician on the island to fix it. All the calls I made led to one man who indeed once ran a sewing machine shop but was now an accountant fixing machines on the side. At first I was a bit worried about the part of town I would have to venture into to get it fixed and wondered how long it would take to get it fixed. This is the VI where the sun shines everyday, and the motto may be why do today what can be done tomorrow Mon. Anyway, while the part of town was questionable by stateside standards it was regular old St. Thomas neighborhood with, brightly painted, weathered and overgrown buildings. I was humbly reminded that appearances aren't everything and was so surprised to receive a call two days later with a message that my machine had been fixed.


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