Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Afternoon shade

Our southeast facing beach is best visited in the afternoon. The sun has traveled west across the sky and sits shining behind the palms which provide us shade to play in. To get to our place in the shade, we walk down 98 steep steps and then a little on a flat sidewalk. Along the way there are lizards, lizards and more lizards. They see us coming and flee, jump, scramble, freeze. Lately we have seen many tiny lizards and C is getting really really good at catching them with his hands. No more lizard traps. We also have a little lizard in our condo who provides us with freakout moments until we realize it is just a little lizard. The crab below is super fast and blends in with the sand. When fleeing from small children it quickly buries itself in the sand in hopes to remain unseen. Here is was trying to show me his super strong claws. Don't mess with me.

The water is finally clear of debris after the hurricane and the following windy days. We all went in to cool off.

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