Thursday, September 16, 2010

cool treats

A package arrive in the mail a few weeks ago with a lovely gift: star popsicle molds. It has been a wonderful addition to our cool treat repertoire given that popsicles do not always make it from the grocery store to the condo without melting, unless I have remembered to bring the cooler along which sometimes I forget to do. I usually use a pre-made juice (Bolthouse Farms is a popular brand here with a variety of good-for-you ingredients) We have had blueberry-banana, lemon-mango, pomegranate-lime, lemonade and right now there is a berry mixture in the mold. Some flavors (yellow in color) are more popular, less so the "purple colored" flavors. I have some mint in the fridge at the moment and I might try a mint tea popsicle for myself once the molds are empty.

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