Monday, July 5, 2010

happy 4th

Our celebration started around noon yesterday with a picnic at the beach. This was the second picnic in the past week. The second picnic that was not PBJ, sliced apples and carrots, which is the usual eating lunch out fare we have. This is a big change and I can see that picnicing must be an art with all the planning etc. that must go into it. (things must be kept cool here which I need to do a better job of next time) But we had so much fun today. In and out of the water with friends and an uncle, climbing trees, making sand castles and deep holes in the sand. A few sunburns today with all the time in the sun and this little one got to fly a kite. Our friends brought it from Seattle. Its called a Ready Sleddy and is very easy for even the smallest of tikes to fly.

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