Friday, July 2, 2010

breakfast at the beach

Back in the space after some hiccups and technical difficulties. We have power outages pretty frequently and our wifi went down for good. Its still down- I am using E's work connection. Anyway we started the day off yesterday with breakfast on the beach. Our first course was homemade vanilla icecream (we brought down our icecream maker) and peach cobbler. The peach cobbler (and cornbread) were the first baked items I had made since our arrival. Its far too hot and the electricity far too expensive to turn the oven on much. Which really is OK with me. It seems that cold desserts are best suited for the heat anyway and maybe I can stretch myself some with learning (and tasting) a bit more about making puddings, ice cream, sorbet, mousse, fruit desserts. BUT it was our anniversary so we needed to celebrate in the way that feels like home. Sorry, no rhubarb, no Georgia peaches were the next best thing.

Everyone should try breakfast at the beach. After the cobbler we had cornbread, hardboiled eggs, pineapple, oranges and grapes. Then of course, some swimming.

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