Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the baths

Part of the British and US Virgin Islands are found on a 40 mile chain of granite rock deposited by volcanic activity. One section of this chain has been exposed to the elements and weathered over millions of years to create boulders the size of a house which look as if they had been dropped from the sky and scattered all over the beach. The result is an amazing labryinth of grottos, pools, caves and amazing snorkling just steps from the shore.  It is called the Baths and is found on the south end of Virgin Gorda, BVI. We charted a boat to take us there and after an hour or more of choppy and rolling seas we arrived and spent a good hour exploring. We would have spent more time but we had a few other destinations to hit and we knew we'd come back. C in particular was so alive climbing and swimming among the rocks. I don't know if it crossed his mind but I thought the entire place would be the perfect pirate's hideout.

read more about the geology of the place and see more pictures here

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