Thursday, July 8, 2010

sea trial

Our new paddleboard went to sea today on her first sea-trials. Two daring seafarers took her out into deeper waters. One standing up doing all the paddling, the other sitting down on the board. A little choppy on the outbound trip as they were heading directly into the wind. The sailor pictured below wearing his goggles got real brave and jumped off the paddleboard in pretty deep water (he had on a lifevest). I took it out next and found it hard to maintain my balance paddling into the wind and waves but riding with the wind at my back was pretty nice (and fast -- I was a big sail on top). The water is so very clear and I can see why C jumped in. But honestly for a few moments there I started to think about the creatures that I might not like to see in the clear water 20 feet below me, circling, hungry...but really, its best not to think these things and just keep paddling.

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