Thursday, June 10, 2010

we've arrived

::Our last night in Seattle, E decided to camp out with the kids.
::somewhere over the bahamas.
:: a view from our condo. amazing - more so when a rain squall is coming.
:: introduction to the VI health system. Broken arm for B. She gets a cast on the 10th. Not much of a story to go with this one. She broke in while still in Seattle (jumping on her bed) and the doc wasn't sure it was broken but to follow up if it was still bothering her. Well it was.

A little about the trip: long. We divided it up into two days so the actual plane time was pretty good. It was the overnight stop that was a little hectic. We had to get our bags and then check them in again in the morning after an early wake-up and rushed breakfast. But I don't think there is any easier way to do this trip. Its either all day long, which we have done. Or broken up and both can be painful.
Anyway more to follow on our first days here. The internet is slow and I have been tenative about using the camera at the beach. The sand gets everywhere and doesn't come off. Its everywhere. 

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