Friday, June 11, 2010


I called my parents this afternoon with this view in the distance. Wow! M was napping and the other two were playing in our front yard, or maybe its a courtyard. Actually its not a yard with grass, its a communal walking path with rocks and landscaping around it and a small hiding place under the steps which the kids have taken over. But I was sitting in the shade, keeping cool, knitting....a sweater.
A view from the steps that lead from the beach to our condo. The building is vintage 1940, though the interior of our condo has been very nicely updated. Really we couldn't have asked for a better place. The views, the beach access, the lesser amount of bugs (they are bad right now but worse other places), the breeze and the ease to work for E.
Down to our place. The front is calling for some character but the condo association limits what we can do with this space - I think shoe, shell and noodle collections are off limits.
Kids hideout in the front courtyard. The little lizards love this rock too - more on them later.

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