Wednesday, June 16, 2010

views from the shade

I think the travel/jet-lag sleepiness/crankiness/ acclimation has passed and we are all feeling a little more settled. Our routine will most likely look like lots of beach time in the morning, with time back at the condo for lunch and naps and quiet time and maybe a trip to the beach later in the day. The beach is a very nice entertainer, though C really wants someone to swim with and I am a little preoccupied with keeping B's cast dry (we've opted not to plastic bag it because it is way too hot for that) and with M who has been under the weather with a bad cold. So I staked a nice spot in the shade and just watched and occasionally took a dip. They were all, swimming, castle building, tree-climbing, nest and chow-making. I don't really know what that is but that is what B & C were doing. And lots of thumb time for M who just couldn't figure out what she wanted today. From our spot on the beach we watched a pelican dive for fish all morning and the elementary school-age kids leave in fleets of lasers from the yacht club for a day of sailing.

::the retreating shade
:: nest building.

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