Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We have found plenty of these on our travels around our neighborhood. This coconut was found just down the road at the beginning of our walk. C insisted on keeping it, but wasn't too keen on carrying it. I insisted that if he wanted to keep it he should be the one to carry it all the way home. So he did. I was hoping for hours of self-entertainment as he tried to pry the thing open. But after I turned down his request for a knife he quit trying. I wasn't ready for him to use a knife on a coconut. So the next best thing is to use it as bait in a trap. Lizard trap. I am not sure how a lizard would crack it open; nibble away at it? Swallow it whole? Or maybe he was hoping for a dinosaur.

One of the many many lizards he was hoping to catch. About the size of his palm

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