Friday, June 18, 2010

new beach

To change things up a bit in our daily routine, I plan to explore out of our area a few times a week. Today we found a sweet little beach super for the kids. Secret Harbour. Shallow, calm, sealife and coral right next to the beach along with plenty of sand. I was experimenting with the underwater point-n-shoot camera but I still don't have the hang of it. Unfortunately this meant I missed pictures of the Tarpon fish swimming right near the shore. Huge - 5-8 ft long in a school of 5, fishing for small bait fish. They were hunting back and forth along the beach for the two hours we were there putting on quite a show for everyone there. I knew they weren't sharks (because it was a fast moving school and didn't really have fins like a shark) but I wasn't sure what they were. A local on the beach told me what they were and said he's never seen them in the harbor before. C was a little spooked to be in the water without me after seeing them even though they avoided the people in the water.  He wasn't having any of it. He has a healthy sense of self -preservation.

Flamboyant tree in full bloom - tis the season I hear.

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