Wednesday, March 3, 2010

white with orange stripe

Big day for C. His first karate test. After two months of two hours a week he was ready to take a test. If he was nervous we couldn't tell. Its all fun for him but in a focused kind of way. The class is geared for little tikes like him. A crowd of busy, distracted, talkative and spirited 4-6 year olds are fully focused and quiet (and not minding this fact one bit) for the entire 45 minutes they are in class. It is truely amazing. Each week the kids are given a chance to earn a small stripe and when they have five small stripes they can test for the next belt level.

He was very proud (and so are we).

PS: M is running around the house now with her arm in a karate chop position, yelling Kia! and kicking her legs. It is a must see and I'll see if I can get this on video.

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