Monday, March 29, 2010


I think this photo captures why I have started to do this blogging thing. I have kept journals in the past and written many letters and emails through the years. But I find self-expression very difficult and often my writing reflects that. I am a sparse writer (and speaker) and it takes quite a bit to tease an idea out of me.  I was not granted the gift-of-gab and this is something I am keenly aware of in some situations. But, picture taking seems to be another story. From this photo I notice (and now have recorded) all the things I have always noticed (and find important): smells, the time of day; sounds, feeling of freedom, quite, peace. These intangibles are recorded for me in a way that I can never write about. This photo also holds the more obvious: M is getting too big for her onesies, that she is very much into exploring her surroundings, it was a very warm spring afternoon - hence the sandals, that she is so toddler now. Anyway, I guess I also hope in some small way picture-taking will help me with my expression of my experience, if not my spelling and grammar. 

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