Saturday, January 9, 2010

Class Art Project

I took on (quite daringly if I do say so myself) the Kindergarten class Auction Art project this year. I didn't have much doubt about what I was going to do with them, but I had serious performance anxiety - had I chosen the right colors, right theme? will anyone want to buy it? Will it bring in more money than it cost to make? So those were the questions looming in the back of my head as this project was underway. But for all the worrying it came out OK (well at least I think so, we haven't had the auction yet!) The techniques is scratch foam block printing. The kids drew on a piece of Styrofoam plate, then inked the plated, pressed it to art paper and produced a relief of their drawing. Easy. Messy but easy. The kids were wonderful and had so much fun with the project. I also followed this tutorial by Glitter Goods nearly verbatim. Why not she spelled it out so easy!

A few things I wish I had done a bit better with the kids: Really emphasize to press down, maybe giving them a scrap piece to practice with. Many of the kids drew really lightly and myself and another mom went over their drawings again (shh. don't tell them!)

We were a little pressed for time so I wish I could have monitored a little better what they were drawing. I have a few repeats in there and a few pictures I really wish I had instead.

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