Monday, November 9, 2009

Hope and reminder

November is one of the wettest months in the NW. Rain, day in and out. And we've had a few deluges so far. Last week we had an entire day of unprecedented rain, wind and several thunderstorms. I thought we were in the Midwest or on the East Coast. (except for the fact that is was very cold here instead of the summery humidity that causes their lightening storms) Anyway, the lightening lit the entire house, the thunder rattled the walls and woke everyone from their deep slumber. The wind and rain were so hard I swear I felt a faint spray blowing through our nice new weather and waterproof south facing french doors. It was a hurricane, it was a typhoon, no it was November!

That was last week. This week - I am planting a reminder that after every winter, no matter how rainy and cold, comes spring. These are a few crocuses - the last of the 100 or so bulbs I have planted this fall. I hope they survive the squirrels, raccoons and rain.

Sunday morning walk. Little M has a pair of walking legs. She walked nearly a mile, then a stop with sis and dad for hot cocoa and a little later took a long long late morning early afternoon nap.
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