Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chilly evening at the beach

We had a day off from school in honor of our countries veteran's. A busy day ended with a late afternoon request that landed us at the beach. But we didn't stay long. See those toes - very cold. The owners of those toes were admonished to keep their shoes on. I had on polartec, rain jacket, rain pants and boots and I was still a little chilly. One shot I could not get was of what I am guessing was a "baitball" 100 ft or so from the shore. The seal lions were swimming in circles surfacing and diving making a commotion and I can only guess that they had found a school of fish and were eating to their hearts content. The only thing missing from the activity were the seagulls so it may have been a small school of larger fish. Often we see salmon jumping around there so maybe it was a good group of salmon. Good video clip anyway.
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