Monday, October 5, 2009

A Least Mom Likes It.

This was one of B's birthday presents. The one she refused(s) to wear. The one I loved knitting up and think looks oh so cute on her. The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple's Children's Neckdown Bolero. I have found the the neck down patterns are so nice because the number of seams to stitch together is much less than knitting each part separately. Seams and I don't get along. The yarn is a Rowan yarn (cotton tape I think) purchased 6 years ago that I had knitted into a sleeveless top for me. But I never wore it, so last year I tore it apart hoping to find a pattern that would work with the yarn. This was it. I hope in time she decides its OK to wear. It isn't that she doesn't care for this particular sweater (maybe that is wishful thinking); she just doesn't care for any clothing that covers her arms. Maybe that is because in every princess picture she sees the princess does not wear a sweater or jacket? Time to change that image.
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