Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Ready

As I have said already - we are having unbelievable fall weather. Clear, crisp, sunshiny days and the weather channels says it should keep on coming. I remember the fall of 2000 was like this because I rode my bike to work nearly every day. This weather means I have no excuse not to paint the exterior trim of the basement windows. So that was how I spent part of my day. To keep B occupied I gave her a bucket of water and a brush. At first she balked - this isn't real paint. But I mentioned pretend paint, she thought about it and decided it was good enough to paint the fence, the picnic table and the outdoor fireplace. All I needed was a hour to prep, then we went to storytime at the library and returned for an hour of painting. Water works wonders. M is under the weather so she was sleeping during the paint party.
Then after school we started decorating for Halloween. Which upon retrospect was totally ridiculous because I don't even decorate for Christmas this early. But C's teacher had sent home some worksheets for him to practice his cutting and tracing. Knowing the "homework" she had sent would take too much buy-in, I changed it up and had him trace and rub a few Halloween stencils, then cut and hole-punch away. I made the stencils out of cereal boxes with a little design help from Martha. Practice he needs without the pain.

By the way. School is going alot smoother these days. I think he's (or we have at least) weathered the transition.

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