Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

This was the first year C got to carve a pumpkin. He used a linoleum cutter to slice and carve away a face on the pumpkin in the middle of this picture. It may not have been the best judgment but he safely performed the task being watchful of his hand and face placement relative to the cutter. The jack-o-lantern in the center (C's) is a white pumpkin - very cool.
Our neighborhood did a super job in decorating. This was really my first time trick-or-treating in such a densely populated neighborhood. So many jack-o-lanterns and spooky decorations were out on porches and lawns, and there were plenty of trick-or-treating families that it made the evening very festive. When we returned home we saw that our candy pot was we did a little refill from all the treats we had collected.
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