Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

So we sorta skipped over the real birthday day and saved the presents and icecream for today when dad was home from his business trip. This will be the last year we can do that for sure. This is a lovely dress from a collection of handmedowns in our basement - maybe from Oakland? I washed it up, ironed it and I think it fits little B just right - a princess dress. The felt crown - an idea ripped off from oh so many crafty bloggers out there. Every kids needs one of these.
and these...butterfly wings I couldn't resist. Here is butterfly girl
We'll have icecream sundaes tonight with my parents and nana and of course this little girl, born three years ago very early in the morning, near sunrise on a perfectly sunny September day. Her sensitivity, keen eye for the small things and very adventurous spirit make her such a fun companion. Did I mention her independence? She knows how to do it all - oh my goodness.
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