Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ice Cream Sundaes

This birthday girl got ice cream sundaes instead of cake. Anytime the word icecream is breathed in this house her ears hear it and she comes running for the "cream" So it made sense to celebrate this way. We had spaghetti for dinner with Nana and Grampy and Nana Elaine, presents and sundaes. Everyone wanted vanilla with chocolate. No Butterscotch or caramel for this crowd.
Back in her dress and wings, looks like she's flying away.

Grampy cast his beach seine net on Thursday night and caught over 200 smelt and 6 salmon. He was in heaven. So on Friday night he filed the salmon and bagged it for the freezer. B was the helper - counting the number of smelt that went into each bag. She also wanted to know what was coming out of their bodies as they were gutted and bagged (guts....yuck). More on our fun weekend tomorrow....boat festival pictures....
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