Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Loosing my Marbles

C was at me for a long time to let him use the marbles from his old marble reward jar. Predicably I would say No for this reason or that but basically it came down to the fear of small objects in the mouths, noses, ears of babies. Well C knows that if he is really persistent I can be worn down and persuaded to let him play with the object that was previously untouchable. So here they are - the marbles. The rule - they stay on the blanket and if I see any one stray elsewhere, they go back in the jar until he's old enough to keep track. Well he has been very very diligent about keeping track of them. I haven't sucked any up in the vacuum, stepped on one while walking in the dark to nurse M at night etc. The really cool thing about this particular toy is what it isn't. It isn't a marble. The green ones are Yoda's, the sparkle ones Rebel forces, the clear ones Storm troopers. The big blues - Death Stars.
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  1. One of the aspects I enjoyed of your recent trip to CA was watching C's (your C) creative play. I recently came across this quote (perhaps you already know it): Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
    Albert Einstein

  2. hey, i wish I could post a comment to a comment...one advantage of type pade I guess. I love the quote. It rings a bell but I cannot say where I saw it. We should all be so creative!