Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Bike Ride

This was our first bike adventure with three kids. Two in the stroller, one on his own bike and mom and dad on bikes too. We have a great bike path in our neighborhood - wide, long, flat with lots of views. The problem is that on a sunny day like today everyone is out walking, riding, running, it got a little dicey at times with the training wheel set. Unfortunately this bike path is the only safe place for us to ride as a family. The streets are not safe to ride with this type of caravan so I don't forsee much of this type of family excursion unless we were go somewhere less busy or we get out for a ride during the off season. I am certain we'd travel more on our bikes (as long as it wasn't pouring rain) if the streets were safer for this mode of transportation. It takes no time to hop down to the garage, get on, peddle to the store or library. At one time we both commuted on our bikes and it was a wonderful way to exercise - no gym required.

The helmet isn't the greatest fit, so M has learned how to hold it up to that she can at least suck on the strap. Love the crossed ankles.

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  1. Sounds like a great afternoon. It makes me realize how spoiled we are in Davis with our 43 miles of bike paths.

    Last week, C and I spent a lot of time on the bikes. One afternoon we cleared 10 miles (maybe 15)-- however, I was feeling it the next morning.

    I'm considering making it my summer mission to ride C to school in the mornings (too hot in the afternoon). It'll save on gas $ and perhaps allow me to get a little exercise.

  2. 10 miles! C was wiped out at was near dinner time but still he was tired.

  3. I should have mentioned that C was on our tandem bike trailer. I don't think he could do 5 miles on his own bike (maybe I should test him-ha!).

    The tandem bike is great for being able to cover far distances, but it doesn't wear out the back rider (C) as mush as if he were on his own bike. It's always a hard call for me--do we use the tandem and have more freedom or bike separately and hope to wear C out!!