Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Despite the title of this entry we didn't have much of an Earth Day. In truth it was a very UN-Earth Day. After driving C to school, I headed off for my bimonthly trip to Costco. I keep this as a bi-monthly trip because I have a very, very difficult relationship with this store. It started when it first opened way back when and my mom would come home with loads of pre-packaged lunch foods. Being the self-righteous teen at the time I was certain (I am not certain why I had such a conviction about this issue and not others...) that we did not need this kind of food and did not need to generate the trash. I am only now beginning to understand the convenience these foods must have provided to a busy mom of 5 growing kids. Who was I to say. Since then Costco has diversified its offerings and I am now a mom and I find that the store provides me deals on items we really use and if I stick close to my list I feel OK with the expense and the trip. There are also arguments to be made for buying bulk. Anyway, I can find problems with waste in packaging and overconsumption in many areas of our life - it is just that Costco embodies it all in one place. Basically if I stick to what we need and then use it, then in theory we are doing the best we can.

We were able to squeeze in a little crafting on C's suggestion. He made something with tape and egg cartons. B has great focus and just painted on paper the entire time we were cutting, taping and painting. Posted by Picasa

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