Friday, May 1, 2009

3 1/4 miles

Little legs are amazing. Today we had a school fundraiser. Kids earn pledges for each quarter mile lap they run in an hour and a half worth of time. I didn't do my due diligence and solicit family members or neighbors for pledges - I'll save that for future years. As a result we pledged a fairly high dollar amount per lap. I know he can run a mile as he does it regularly at the YMCA but I wasn't sure he'd want to do more. When I arrived at the event and I overheard a few moms laughing at another mom who pledged what sounded like what we had pledged. The laughing mom said "well you know last year my little guy ran 20 laps." I am listening, doing the math "20 laps is 5 miles (can a five year old run 5 miles in an hour time? Her little boy isn't any more energetic than mine..surely her memory is incorrect!) and then hope for the sake of our wallet that last year was just "one of those years" not to be repeated again! As it turns out last year was a cloudy, warmish day - not the heat filled day we had today! BUT 13 laps is pretty darn good and that wasn't even the high scoring lap count for his class. I think 16 was the highest number. It was great. The kids are so enthusiastic and committed to doing laps in their own way. Some walked, some ran, some (ehem...did karate moves) along the way. Little sister and mom should have had a pledge sheets as we walked 7 laps! Yes - little B did this just to be with the big kids and I got a great walk in with M sleeping on my back. Fundraising, socializing and exercise. Great friday morning. Oh yeah - it is a 1/4 mile track in case you were wondering!

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  1. Wow, very cool. What a wonderful school project. We are proud of you Cormac and Brydie on being such strong athletes!