Thursday, June 12, 2014


We've had a very busy spring with sports. A soccer or baseball practice or game nearly every night of the week, plus a busy Sunday with hockey practice and soccer games. This whole year has been busy with sports really, fall soccer, basketball, swimming and now these spring sports.   Nine seems to be the age for trying everything. C is an avid listener and watcher of sports and has been willing to try it all this year. So much progress has been made in ball control, throwing and understanding of strategy - not to mention backwards skating! Of course there is no way that we can keep up with the pace we have set this spring. However, it seems that for a short duration like this, giving him a chance to try things is OK and from here he can choose what he'd like to stick with. At the start I thought Baseball was as dull as it gets but towards the end of the season the sport won me over. I loved the drama and suspense of the games and to an extent the stats kept on each player. I also had under appreciated how much of a team sport baseball is. The coaches taught me that by the way they treated their players. Even if a kid hit the ball and was out on first - he usually advanced a player, sometimes two and maybe even someone home and the coaches always highlighted that as the player ran back to the dugout. Our summer starts tomorrow. Most of the organized sports will be on hold for the summer but I suspect C will be practicing his skills throughout.

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