Friday, June 6, 2014


Six years after we finished our remodel we finished the fireplace. Why did we wait so long? I love the colors in this house at all times of day but in particular the house looks so bright and warm on a dark rainy spring day and the fire in the hearth finishes the warmth. As we embark on a design for our next home the question of a wood burning stove has come up. Should we have a wood stove or a gas stove. In our area it is not uncommon to have a burn ban in place to keep the air pollution at bay. Unless wood is the only way to heat the house, you cannot burn. So it seems impractical to have a wood stove when we could and should have gas. Plus all the hassle of collecting, stacking wood and starting fires each day could burst my Little House reverie pretty quickly. My memories of chopping, hauling, stacking and starting fires are but moments in the many days that my parents did that chore. But, why not have the option especially when it would be a secondary source of heat? I am not quite ready to give up on a real fire, the last connection between my modern life and some time before me. 

By the way - that is a presto style log burning in the fireplace. 

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