Sunday, February 9, 2014

A little bit of snow

A snow day is probably the most exciting day of the year for most Puget Sound residents. It doesn't happen often but when it does it is beautiful. It began last night. I was at an amazing dinner with friends (discussing this wonderful book with the author!) and at some point we all looked outside from the dining room table and just stopped talking. It kinda has that effect. Later when it was time to leave and catch ferries well the snow held things up a bit. 

High (no not chemically) on the fun night out I was not really thinking much about how the snow would affect the roads. Forgetting that I was driving a rear wheel drive truck I started up the driveway and proceeded to get stuck, holding up the 4 cars behind me. I was in a bit of a panic, considering our guest was supposed to be at the ferry in 15 minutes and then she'd have to wait another 45 for the next and it was late. So 8 ladies loaded down the back of the truck (sounds like a joke coming on doesn't it?) and they (and a friendly neighbor) got me out of the ditch; though not in time to get Margot to the ferry! A snow day is the best day of the of the year - especially when you've had a great time with friends and they help you out of the ditch.

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