Wednesday, February 5, 2014

12th man

We are not generally football watchers. We watch around the holidays or when there is a particular game being played. But this Seahawk team is amazing and they are SEATTLE and it's hard not to get excited about the game. 

So excited about it I bought an antenna for our TV so we could watch the game. So excited E bought jerseys for the kids. So excited we watched/listened to the games leading up to the Superbowl. So excited that I read all the post game articles. So excited we attended the parade!

There are some unbelievable pictures of the crowds if you have Instagram just search with #seahawks. Everywhere along the parade route it was packed - packed for an entire block on the adjoining streets. over 700K people were in attendance. We walked a mile from our parked car to a spot we thought would be good and then the kids (all but C) broke down. We knew it was coming but hoped we could avert it with hot cocoa and a snack. No go. It was so cold (15 deg) that even their snow gear didn't help. So we turned around and walked back home without seeing a thing. And a good thing we did. We would not have seen much anyway. Some areas along the parade route were 200 people deep and with a stroller and little people in tow, well it wasn't a good fit.

Truth be told it was not a fun morning. Actually a morning that I swore I would forget. Pages I'd tear out of the book of my parenting journey. If the kids asked me do you remember the Seahawks parade I'd respond "What Seahawks, what parade. We don't watch football!" But after watching some of the event on TV (which I couldn't help) and looking at photos folks posted on Instagram I am glad we at least made the attempt. Very glad.

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